Toxic Invaders

One Easy Step To Avoid Bringing Poison Into Your Home


It’s true.  Our homes and bodies are continuously under attack from toxic products that are pouring out of large corporate factories at unprecedented rates.  This is the largest consumer population in history and our corporate giants are more than willing to satisfy that demand at all costs (to the consumer).    The health care system and mortuaries are busier than ever as our population is being killed off   by the cancerous products that we are paying our hard earned money to bring into our homes.

We are now in the times where large corporations pump our animals full of unsafe steroids to increase their size and growth rate.  It’s a time where even our most natural food source, fruits and vegetables, have been genetically altered to a point where the nutritional values are unknown at best, but one thing’s for sure, lacing the skins and soaking the ground water with the toxins is most definitely having a damaging effect on our bodies.  Many people, including me and my family, put a great deal of effort in changing our diets and being mindful of what we eat.  I am thankful that we have become educated and are able to make better choices.



What I want to make sure that I spread the word about are the lesser talked about poisonous products that are being disguised as harmless, sometimes even advertised good for us.  Did you know that on average, there are 62 toxic chemicals being stored in American homes?    Most of us are mindful of the common “under the sink” items that we use to scrub, disinfect, unclog and polish our belongings.  We also have a pretty good handle on the cans of paints, dyes, lubricants, fuels and cleaners that we keep stored in our basements or garages.  But there is a much stealthier toxic predator among us?  We are duped into applying carcinogenic chemicals directly to our skin in a variety of ways and most people don’t even know it.  There are plenty of these examples and we should all do whatever we can to rid our homes from these items and stop putting our lives and our loved ones lives in harm’s way.  Sometimes when I see the families walking down certain grocery aisles, I feel an overwhelming urge to stop them and beg them to find natural alternatives.

But what about the labels on the package?  For one thing, it’s no secret that most of the words on the labels are undecipherable by everyone except for the scientists who created them, but even more concerning, there are loopholes.  Most people don’t really think about what exactly “fragrance” is or how it’s made.  No, they don’t actually put “spring rain” in your fabric softener.  By law, the manufacturer is not required to disclose what chemicals they use in their proprietary fragrance.  Studies have been done on items like dryer sheets and the following chemicals have been identified to be in a majority of them:

Ethyl Acetate: on the EPA’s “hazardous waste” list

Dichlorobenzene: Carcinogenic used to make paint thinners

Benyl Alcohol: attacks respiratory tract and central nervous system, can cause death

Alpha Terpineol: attacks respiratory tract and central nervous system

Chloroform: known carcinogenic neurotoxin

Benzyl Acetate: has been linked to pancreatic cancer

Attacks on nervous system, respiratory tract, cancer, DEATH!!  Now do you see why I’m worried?



I started taking inventory on what potentially toxic chemicals I came in contact with the most and I found that by far, it was my laundry.  I’m pretty much wearing clothes 24/7 and sleeping in bedding that has been continuously exposed to the chemically induced fragrance.  The skin, unlike the digestive system, has no filtering system and chemicals go directly into your bloodstream and to your vital organs.  So I started by throwing out the ol’ dryer sheets.  The thought of one more dryer sheet releasing its toxins onto my clothes and then transferring directly to my skin, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week makes my skin crawl and my imagination go wild.



Now I don’t have anything against fluffy, static free, great smelling laundry, as a matter of fact, I love it, but I do have a major problem with everything on this list and I refuse to allow them near me or my loved ones.   Although my resolve to banish those things from my home was strong, I did notice a difference in the way my laundry came out of the dryer.  So I decided to look for a way to keep my laundry fresh, but without chemicals.  My favorite natural alternative is using wool dryer balls.  I’d never heard of them before, but they are soft, off-white color balls made completely of organic wool and they are a little bigger than a tennis ball.  I toss 5 or 6 of them in my dryer with my laundry and they tumble around with my laundry and my laundry has never turned out fluffier or more toxic free.  I love them!  Occasionally, I put a few drops of essential oil on them and they give a light scent to my laundry (lavender oil is fantastic).  They are completely reusable and I keep them right in my dryer all of the time.  I do 3 or 4 loads of laundry a week and I’ve had mine for over a year.  I feel so much better now that I’m eliminating another hazardous chemical from my home.  As an added bonus, they actually decreased the drying time by quite a bit, so I save time and electricity.  After researching and looking for the best value, I’ve decided I like these dryer balls the best (CLICK HERE) because they are quieter than others and they are gentler on my clothes than the plastic, spiky ones.

I plan on continuing to continue pursuing healthy eating habits (which takes discipline), but I also intend on continuing to find natural alternatives to replace the unhealthy consumer products that have found their way into our homes.  I will gladly continue to share my findings with you and I wish you all good health and happiness.

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